Discounts and payment

Q: Should I pay in US dollar or Indonesian Rupiah and do you accept other currencies?
A: All payments are to be made in Indonesian Rupiah, either cash or by credit card (the latter only in Bali au Naturel). There is no extra credit card surcharge

Q: Besides the published rack rates, are there any other discounts?
A: We offer discounts for stays of more than 7 and 14 days in both places. In Bali au Naturel we also offer discounts for last minute bookings (arrival within 72 hrs of booking) and young adults (between 21 and 30 yo).

Q: I am coming for three days, then go on a diving tour and then will come back for another four days in your resort. Am I entitled to the 7 nights discount?
A: No, the discounts apply only to consecutive nights.

Q: I am KITAS holder. How much discount do I get?
A: Everybody pays the same price as published, whether Indonesian, KITAS holder, retired, student, foreigner or tourist.

Q: I work for a travel agency. Do you have any special rates?
A: Travel agencies who actively promote our resorts in their brochures/websites have a special rate. Contact us.

Q: I am leaving earlier than expected. Do you reimburse me?
A: Payment in full for room and transfers are to be done in advance and/or upon arrival. You will not get reimbursed for early check-out.

Q: How can I secure a booking?
A: To secure a direct booking, we require a deposit of 50% of the total cost of the room (and transfer where applicable) by paypal, doku or bank transfer. Otherwise, AGODA.COM and BOOKING.COM also provide secured bookings.

Transport and Accessibility

Q: Will I be picked up at the airport when I arrive?
A: We provide airport transfers to/from Bali au Naturel upon request. We wait for you at the exit of the terminal with your name on a sheet of paper. Conditions apply. Laki Uma Villa does not provide transport; taxis can be found at reasonable rates at the airport or anywhere else in Kuta

Q: I have already another hotel booking. Can I visit as a guest?
A: We provide day-passes in Laki Uma Villa @ 50,000 IDR. With a minimum consumption of 150,000 IDR, the entrance fee in Bali au Naturel is waived

Q: I arrive late at night/leave early in the morning to/from Bali au Naturel. Do you provide transfers?
A: For late arrivals and early departures to/from Bali au Naturel, we suggest you spend the first/last night in Laki Uma Villa (men only). However, we do provide night transfers at an additional cost of 100,000 IDR

Q: Do you provide transport ?
A: Laki Uma Villa does not provide transport. There is a large taxi stand in front of the villa with reasonable fixed rates In Northern Bali, there are no taxis. Bali au Naturel provides short-leg taxi service, day excursions and airport transfers. There is public transport to Bali au Naturel from Singaraja and Amlapura.

Q: Can I come with my own transport?
A: Yes. In case you cannot find us, just give us a call when you are nearby and we will give you driving instructions or come and pick you up. Or check maps.google.com or your GPS. Along the road from Kintamani you will also see a blue sign that says ‘PURI CELAGI Au Naturel”

Q: Can I rent a car or motorbike?
A: You can rent and drive a motorbike or car in Kuta, but for driving yourself a car you need an International Driving Permit We are not responsible for the condition, damage, loss or theft of rented motorbikes and cars. The staff does not provide transport by motorbike. There are no cars or motorbikes for rent in Northern Bali

Telephone, internet, photography, printing

Q: Do you have internet?
A: Yes, we have wireless in Laki Uma Villa, and throughout the whole compound in Bali au Naturel.

Q: Do you have telephone in the rooms?
A: No, but there is very good coverage for mobile phones

Q: Can I take pictures?
A: Yes, especially Bali au Naturel is excellent to make your own pictures and videos. Do not take pictures of other guests without their consent.

Q: Can I print documents?
A: We will print free of charge your boarding pass, ticket or next hotel booking. For other documents, we charge 5,000 IDR per page B/W and 10,000 IDR for color prints

Food and drinks

Q: Do you serve meals?
A: In Laki Uma Villa, we serve no food. There is catering service available from over 50 restaurants and we have their menu. Bali au Naturel provides besides breakfast, also lunch and dinner at nominal cost in Mock’s Kitchen beach front restaurant.

Q: Do you have vegetarian food?
A: In Laki Uma Villa, you can order all the food you want through catering services. In Mock’s Kitchen beach front restaurant in Bali au Naturel there is an extensive menu, including vegetarian dishes

Q: Can I buy and cook my own food?
A: Cooking in the rooms is strictly prohibited. Also our kitchens are not accessible to guests. However, we can micro-wave for you.

Q: Do you have a bar?
A: In Laki Uma Villa there is a refrigerator in each private room and you can get drinks from shops nearby 24/7. Coffee, tea and water is free, all day long. In Bali au Naturel there are two bars one by the pool and one in Mock’s Kitchen beach front restaurant. Drinks from outside are not allowed in Mock’s Kitchen. We suggest you bring your own hard liquor (duty-free or from shops in Kuta) as we do not sell it. Liquor and wine are not available in the shops in North Bali

Q: It's my partner’s birthday. Can I have something special?
A: Yes, we can provide you with cake, special dinner, flowers and champagne or anything you desire. Contact us in advance.

Facilities and my comfort

Q: What is the difference between the rooms ?
A: For Bali au Naturel

  • Standard room is about 25 sq. mtr, air-conditioning, safety box, satellite TV, DVD player, bed-side table lamps, wardrobe. En-suite half-open air bathroom with hot water. In front of the swimming pool
  • Master room is about 30 sq. mtr, air-conditioning, safety box, satellite TV, DVD player, bed-side table lamps, wardrobe. En-suite half-open air bathroom with hot water. In front of the swimming pool. Private balcony with ocean view
  • Deluxe room is about 40 sq. mtr, air-conditioning, safety box, satellite TV, DVD player, bed-side table lamps, wardrobe. En-suite half-open air bathroom with hot water. In front of the swimming pool. Shared terrace. King-size bed
  • Bungalows is about 15 sq. mtr, all made in teak wood, ceiling fan, safety box, bed side table lamp, desk, en- suite bathroom with hot water, private balcony
All rooms and bungalows are for 1 or 2 persons, breakfast included. A third person in the room is 150,000 IDR extra per night, breakfast and all facilities included

A: For Laki Uma Villa
  • Standard room is about 16 sq. mtr, double bed, air-conditioning, safety box, satellite TV, DVD player, bed-side table lamps, wardrobe. En-suite bathroom with hot water. Street view
  • Deluxe room is about 20 sq.mtr, queen-size bed, air-conditioning, safety box, satellite TV, DVD player, bed-side table lamps, wardrobe. En-suite bathroom with hot water. One with street view and balcony (smoking), one with pool view
  • Master room is about 50 sq. mtr, king-size bed, air-conditioning, safety box, satellite TV, DVD player, bed-side table lamps, wardrobe. Very large en-suite bathroom with two showers and hot water. With poolview and large balcony (smoking).
  • Dormitory: 6 bunk beds in same room, large single bed, air-conditioning, locker, bed table, large in-room glass shower, en-suite bathroom  (also with private shower)
All private rooms are for 1 or 2 persons. A third person is 100,000 IDR extra per night for use of all facilities. Dormitory is for one person per bed only.

Q: Can I use the pool, TV at night?
A: Yes, all facilities are accessible 24/7 but please don't make too much noise at night.

Q: Does the staff speak English?
A: Except the gardeners, all staff speaks English.

Q: Do you have a gym?
A: In Kuta there are several gyms nearby. In Bali au Naturel we have a fully equipped state-of-the-art gym with free access

Q: What activities do you have?
A: In Laki Uma Villa, there are no special activities as everything is available outside and nearby. Of course there is the pool, in-house massage and playroom and the whole place is very open-minded, in and outside the rooms In Bali au Naturel, we have in-house massage, gym, the pools, canoes, snorkeling, scuba diving, free bicycles, day excursions. In both places, random parties take place as organized by the guests.

Q: Can I talk, have contact and befriend other guests and staff?
A: Most guests talk to each other and become friends. They even come back together on their next holiday However, all contacts have to be consensual and amicable. Contacts with the staff have to remain professional and respectful.

Climate and Legal situation

Q: When is a good time to go to Bali?
A: Anytime of the year is fine – the rainy season is mostly from November till April, but that means usually only a few showers late in the afternoon. Northern Bali is always very dry, even during rainy season. Kuta gets much more rain.

Q: Is nudity allowed in Indonesia?
A: Public nudity is not allowed, although in Bali it is common practice for men to bath naked in the rivers in the late afternoon, visible to all by-passers. Nudity in private (such as our resorts) is legal.

Q: Can I use drugs on the premises?
A: No. Drugs and sex with minors is illegal and we don't want to put our resorts and their customers at risk. If you use drugs, we will remove you from the premises and report you to local authorities. All guests must be at least 21 yo and ID will be required if any doubt.

Security and discretion

Q: Are the rooms secure?
A: Yes, every room has its own personal safe with your own PIN or key. We are not responsible for theft from your room.

Q: Is the reception open at night?
A: There is only one on-call staff at night in case of emergencies. You have keys to the main entrance, the front door and your room.

Q: How safe and discreet is your place?
A: We are extremely safe and discreet: a high wall surrounds both resorts and there are no outside signs

Q: Before making a booking, I would like to know how many other guests there are, their age, gender and sexuality?
A: We do not provide information about other guests. Mostly we do not know it ourselves

Vsitors and nudity

Q: Can I bring a visitor to my room?
A: Yes, you can have a day and night visitor free-of-charge but he must at least be 21 years old. In case of doubt, we ask to see an ID card, which is kept at the reception till his departure, for your own security. Every room is for two persons. This does not apply the dormitory where night visitors have to pay for one bed. Short-time visitors are allowed (ID card required)

Q: Is the staff naked?
A: Only Management staff who are true nudists are naked during working hours inside the compound. Other staff wear a minimum.

Q: As the resorts are clothing-optional, can we wear shorts or swim suits?
A: Nudity is compulsory in and around the swimming pools, everywhere else is clothing-optional. Always carry a sarong or towel with you to sit on or cover up if required

Q: Can we go naked on the beach?
A: Nudity on the beach is illegal.

Q: : We are three people travelling together. Can we sleep in the same room?
A: Yes, a third booked person will enjoy all the services and facilities at the rate of 100,000 Rupiah per night. A third (or fourth) short-time guest in Laki Uma Villa is free of charge